How to Start a Profitable SEO Agency in 6 Months (or less)

Hey guys John here from Bring the SEO. today’s short presentation I wanted to cover how to build a profitable SEO agency in six months or less. Now I know that sounds like a big ask it certainly is a big claim but stick with me I think by the end of this presentation you’ll have a good understanding of why I think this is possible and why many SEO Consultants often go on to struggle for years and years and of course how you can avoid making those same mistakes.

Okay so let’s start by taking a look at some of the most common frustrations faced by many SEO consultants and this I should point out that this is not limited to those just getting started you know those that are just getting started looking to build out their agency this is also applicable to many SEO Consultants that have been in the game for some period of time that are still facing these same challenges so let’s go through them firstly I can’t get any clients and I’m wasting so much time chasing dead end leads.

Now as we all know client acquisition getting leads you know getting clients that is without question one of the biggest challenges when it comes you know to building a successful SEO agency and when you’re stuck chasing leads and certainly spending a great deal of time you know doing that it can be tremendously exhausting so that without question is one of the biggest frustrations the next point that I’ve got here is I’m struggling and literally living month to month project to project.

Now SEO by nature isn’t typically a one-time project but if you’ve got low retention rates and you’re bringing clients on board especially if it’s taking you you know six months to get a client and they leave in three then you’re going to be constantly working in arrears in the sense of you know client acquisition and this can be incredibly frustrating.

The next Point here is I feel like I’m working my ass off but not getting anywhere and this is something that comes up a lot on my coaching calls in that you know many SEO Consultants are doing a million different things they’re not doing any of those things well they’re working 80 hours a week and at the end of the month they’ve got nothing to show for it and that can be incredibly incredibly discouraging and frankly it’s enough to make many you know and this is this is a common problem in itself you know suffer from burnout and want to quit

And lastly why does everyone else seem to have it figured out except me and this is something again that comes up my coaching calls where it seems that and maybe social media is somewhat responsible for this it’s there’s nothing more frustrating for an SEO consultant to think that they can’t get clients they’re not making money their business is a mess yet everyone else has got it figured out and they’re you know they’re sipping cocktails on the beach at Bali.

Now the reason for all of these problems, challenges and frustrations is that you set yourself up for failure right from the beginning.

So if we think about it many of these frustrations are caused by any number of these problems –

  • Firstly you’re just the same as everyone else and your offer sucks
  • Secondly you don’t know who you’re targeting or what an ideal client looks like and that’s a huge problem. I’ll circle back to that one in just a second
  • Next you’re trying to sell SEO to prospects that aren’t even interested. I see this all the time
  • Lastly you don’t have a sales process and getting clients is based upon hope and guesswork.

But the biggest and most common problem that I see when working with SEO consultants and I tell them this all the time you’ve wasted time on stupid stuff.

But what does that actually mean?

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