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We help SEO consultants get more leads, win higher-value clients and retain them long term using proven processes, results focused training and expert mentorship.

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Intermediate Level

Intermediate experience is recommended

Program Duration

Learn at your own pace, no set schedule or restricted lessons

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Learn on any device type, desktop, tablet or phone

Program Format

Online training, live classes, Q&A's, and group coaching

What is it?

SEO Accelerator is an educational resource, consisting of a private community, online training, live masterclasses, expert mentorship and group coaching.

Who is it for?

SEO Accelerator is designed specifically for SEO consultants wanting to improve their processes, deliver a better quality service to their clients and scale to $1M a year or more.

Where does it happen?

SEO Accelerator takes place primarily online, within the private community that hosts weekly Q&A’s, live masterclasses, and resources library. All private coaching calls are held via Zoom.

How does it work?

It works by watching the videos, and applying the strategies shown, as well as attending live classes, engaging inside the community and receiving private group coaching.

When does it start?

SEO Accelerator starts the moment you enroll, granting you full access to all training materials. As a member you receive unrestricted access to the entire program plus any future updates.

Why does it exist?

Having technical SEO knowledge is great, but that’s only a small percentage of what it takes to run a successful agency. SEO Accelerator fills that void in extreme detail.

Here’s what you get.

SEO Accelerator is the most comprehensive agency training available. It provides everything you need to succeed. Hundreds of incredibly detailed step by step instructional videos, dozens of document templates, checklists, sales scripts, online community, group calls, live masterclasses, private group coaching and more.

Actionable Training

Access hundreds of instructional videos that walk you through everything, including sales, technical SEO and campaign management.

Document Templates

Dozens of ready made SEO document templates, contracts, checklists, spreadsheets, sales scripts, slide decks and more.

Private Community

Ask questions, create friendships, get help and build your network inside our private community full of other SEO professionals.

Private Coaching

Private group coaching each week to check your progress and keep you on track and focused on your end goal.

What's covered in the program?

SECTION 1 - Introduction
Welcome and congratulations 00:46
A short message welcoming you to the program
Introduction and overview02:15
Quick run through of important keynotes before getting started
About me12:21
A complete timeline and history of my 20 years experience working in the SEO industry
Course structure11:29
A comprehensive overview of how the course is structured including topics covered, provided resources and the organization and sequencing of course content
How to get the most out of this training09:36
Proactive steps you can take to prepare, plan and participate in order to get the most value out of this program
Rules within the community08:30
Community standards outlining general rules and guidelines to ensure your experience is enjoyable and safe
Questions & support01:35
Guidance in terms of asking questions within the community and raising support requests
Celebrating your wins01:01
A quick reminder around the importance of acknowledging and celebrating your wins with others
Q&A calls00:54
Information around Q&A sessions including scheduling, frequency, hosting details and how to get involved
Partnerships, JV’s and affiliate registrations01:23
Application guidelines for those wanting to promote the SEO Accelerator program as a registered partner or affiliate
Continual growth and improvement is only possible with the feedback and input from our students
Reporting technical issues01:12
Advice for members experiencing technical difficulties whilst accessing the site
Reporting piracy00:38
Instructions for members who believe they may have information regarding the illegal copying, selling or distribution of the SEO Accelerator program
Submitting a video testimonial01:32
Quick guidance for members wanting to share their experience with others by uploading a video testimonial
Campaign Posters –:–
Downloadable poster sized PDF’s perfect as visual aides or points of quick reference
Courseware – Documents, checklists, spreadsheets & more –:–
Full repository of all courseware including checklists, spreadsheets, templates, sales scripts and more
Recommended Learning – Books, courses etc –:–
Recommended material to help fast track your success, including books, online resources and other training programs
Software – Recommended software & tools –:–
A comprehensive list of recommended tools, software and applications
Hardware – Recommended equipment –:–
Recommended hardware to assist with daily operations
SECTION 2 - Business Disciplines
Lesson 1 – No assumptions 01:11
A quick disclaimer around mindset, work ethic and personal motivation levels
Lesson 2 – Mindset 08:46
Understanding why it’s essential to change your thoughts, your beliefs, your language, your behaviours and the way you think in order to grow and ultimately succeed
Lesson 3 – The importance of confidence 06:04
Development strategies based upon the competence confidence principle that you can apply to build confidence, strengthen self belief and empower yourself
Lesson 4 – False belief systems 06:23
Learn how to become self aware of false belief systems that might be subconciously obstructing your advancement
Lesson 5 – Thinking big 08:48
How to embrace unrealistic goals and achieve massive success by abandoning traditional thinking that’s limiting your potential
Lesson 6 – Overcoming fear 04:39
Learn how to overcome your fears by addressing it, understanding it, and ultimately leveraging it to your advantage
Lesson 7 – Being comfortable being uncomfortable 04:37
How to push beyond stagnation by taking massive action and setting goals that push you beyond your comfort zone
Lesson 8 – You win and you learn 03:07
Learning to embrace failures and understanding that mistakes have value and that there are no losses, only lessons
Lesson 9 – Letting go of bad habits 07:11
Learn how to identify behavioural patterns that hinder growth and what strategies you can implement to enforce change
Lesson 10 – Embracing mistakes 02:57
Developing a growth mindset is about embracing mistakes and while it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s the foundation of every worthwhile goal
Lesson 11 – Avoiding burnout 07:56
Important lessons you must learn in order to avoid what is the most common cause of failure for SEO consultants – burnout
Lesson 12 – Overcoming imposter syndrome 06:42
Steps you can take to overcome imposter syndrome by making the decision to be confident and succeeding deliberately
Lesson 13 – Audit your circle 03:41
Understand and acknowledge that the success you achieve is ultimately determined by the people you associate with
Lesson 14 – Improving your environment 02:05
How to raise awareness about your surroundings and make changes at the macro level in order to operate with absolute clarity
Lesson 15 – Build your network 03:51
Strategies you can apply in order to create relationships, build your network and associate with highly influencial people that will push you to be the best version of yourself
Lesson 1 – Chasing 2 rabbits 04:35
Learn the disciplines required in order to avoid impulsive decision making and instead focusing all of your energy on doing one thing and doing it incredibly well
Lesson 2 – Bright shiny objects 05:40
Bright shiny objects tend to affect entrepreneurs specifically because of the qualities that make them unique. Learn how to identify acknowledge and break this behavioural cycle
Lesson 3 – Discipline matters 08:32
Learn how to cultivate extreme self discipline that allows you to overcome obstacles and discomfort as you push yourself to new heights
Lesson 4 – Business vs busyness 08:21
Understand the differences between being busy and being productive
Lesson 5 – Learning to say no 08:42
Making the mistake of continually saying yes can leave you overcommitted, overwhelmed and exhausted. Learn the most important lesson in business – saying no
Lesson 6 – Capture the flag 04:55
How to avoid getting caught up in the things that don’t matter, and instead staying focused on the primary objective
Lesson 7 – The beauty of clarity 05:07
Achieving clarity often means doing less and being able to cleary distinguish exactly what you do without confusion or ambiguity
Lesson 8 – Whats your why? 03:31
Steps to help you define your purpose, understanding what drives you and knowing what it takes to be great
Lesson 1 – Why an SEO agency? 05:37
Acknowledging the importance of taking a moment to answer an obvious question, why even start an SEO agency?
Lesson 2 – Business owner vs technical expert 04:45
Recognising there’s a tremendous difference between being a technical expert and running a successful SEO agency
Lesson 3 – Working ON the business, not IN it 03:46
Practical steps you can take to avoid getting caught up in fulfillment and instead, position yourself in a way that allows you to work on the business, rather than in it
Lesson 4 – From hobby to business 01:40
Considerations to be mindful of when transitioning from a hobby to servicing paying clients
Lesson 5 – Agency vs freelancer 08:02
Determining what’s the best fit for you, freelancing or running a large scale agency
Lesson 6 – Branding 03:51
Important considerations you must take into account before establishing yourself within a particular marketplace
Lesson 7 – Starting at the end 00:51
A quick note around reverse goal setting which can be useful in terms of backwards planning in order to achieve long term objectives
Lesson 8 – Finding balance 04:31
Why finding a balance will be the most difficult challenges for you in business and the steps you can take to ensure you achieve your goals without sacrificing your health and well being
Lesson 9 – Less is more 04:27
In order to increase efficiency and reduce complexity it’s absolutely essential to reduce your service offerings
Lesson 10 – Getting rid of everything 08:06
Why you must get rid of toxic services within your business and start doing less and making more
Lesson 11 – Referring the noise 01:54
Learn how to build reciprocal partnerships that allow you to protect yourself from potential distractions and noise
Lesson 12 – Productizing your service offering 08:21
Having a properly productized service allows you to focus on scaling rather than just surviving
Lesson 13 – The speedee service system 04:40
Discover how the original founders of McDonalds reimagined the fast food industry and essentially producitized the entire operation, called the “speedee service system”
Lesson 14 – Riding two bicycles 04:03
Why navigating your way through a transitional period can feel like trying to ride two bicycles, and what you can do to make it more seamless and less stressful
Lesson 15 – Quitting your job 11:04
Practical steps and advice you can take in order to quit your job and go full time within your agency
Lesson 16 – Restructuring your business 08:39
What you need to take into account when restructuring your business and making significant changes
Lesson 1 – Processes processes processes 13:29
In order to scale and automate, you must productize. In order to productize you must have incredibly efficient processes in place
Lesson 2 – The power of predictability 03:01
Steps you must take to move to a predictable model that allows accurate forecasting and outcomes
Lesson 3 – The coffee factory 40:17
A practical demonstration that perfectly shows the importance of processes within a business, and how essential they are in order to produce an efficient workflow
Lesson 4 – Feedback loops 02:48
How feedback loops allow you to make continual and incremental improvements over time based upon the outcomes of certain actions
Lesson 5 – Simplification 02:54
How to take complex operational procedures and reduce them down to the absolute basics in order to simplify and expedite
Lesson 6 – Process skipping 02:01
Why it’s absolutely imperative to protect your processes in order to avoid breakdowns in workflow, procedures and of course intended outcomes
Lesson 1 – Generalist vs specialist 01:39
Overview and explanation of the differences between generalists and specialists
Lesson 2 – Pros and cons 11:59
Understanding the benefits and drawbacks to operating either a specialist or generalist as an SEO consultant
Lesson 3 – Learning curves cost time and money 05:47
Why niching down and operating as a specialist is absolutely essential in order to scale and automate
Lesson 4 – Niche selection criteria 07:34
The five main criteria that must be met in order to choose a profitable niche
Lesson 5 – Choosing a niche 04:56
How to choose a niche based upon several essential factors that will ensure long term success
Lesson 6 – Specialist niching 03:51
How to operate as a specialist within a niche without being limited to a particular industry
Lesson 7 – Niche hopping 01:14
Strategies you can implement to prevent constantly changing niches and losing momentum
Lesson 8 – Fail or succeed, do it quickly 01:55
Why it’s absolutely essential to shortlist, test, eliminate and confirm provisional niches quickly
Lesson 9 – Exclusivity 08:15
Considerations to be mindful of when dealing with exclusivity requests when specialising in a particular niche
Lesson 10 – Going narrow but wide 02:15
How to overcome potential limitations in market share size by going narrow, but wide
Lesson 1 – Revenue focused SEO 05:18
Why you need to completely rethink everything you know about SEO and shift your focus from rankings to revenue
Lesson 2 – Qualify educate win 06:30
How to educate clients about the importance of focusing on the metrics that matter – sales, leads and conversions
Lesson 3 – Demonstrating ROI 07:57
How to define lead value, the importance of accurate tracking, setting up goals and demonstrating a positive return on investment for your clients
Lesson 4 – The importance of tracking and measuring 02:08
Revenue focused SEO relies entirely on the fact that everything is tracked and measured accurately
Lesson 5 – Client prerequisites 04:58
How to ensure the best possible outcomes for your campaigns by confirming the following criteria
Lesson 6 – The inherent problem of web design 04:26
A look at some of the inherent problems related to web design and what you can do to avoid them
Lesson 7 – Productize templatize standardize 04:17
Why it’s absolutely essential to eliminate any form of custom web design from your service offering
Lesson 8 – Leveraging prebuilt templates 06:42
How to avoid getting bogged down fixing technical issues, or dealing with painful never ending web projects by productizing and leveraging prebuilt templates
Lesson 9 – Knowing when to stop 01:52
Knowing where web design stops and SEO starts is an essential part of the site build and preparation process
Lesson 10 – Requests for everything 04:04
How to handle requests for everything that result in complicated web projects requiring specialised requirements or customisation
Lesson 11 – Before jumping in 05:43
Considerations that must be addressed before you begin building a library of niche specific web templates
Lesson 12 – Co-ordinate don’t code 00:43
A quick reminder that as a business owner it’s your responsibility to remain focused on task delegation, not burying your head in code
Lesson 1 – Quick disclaimer 01:08
A quick disclaimer around providing information and advice around financial topics
Lesson 2 – The economics of SEO 03:09
A quick look at the economocis of SEO, growth within the industry and the sheer demand for search engine optimization services
Lesson 3 – Earning potential 07:15
SEO can be very lucrative but much of that success depends upon several factors that directly influence your earning potential
Lesson 4 – Fewer, higher paying clients 03:21
Why you should always aim to have fewer, higher paying clients
Lesson 5 – Reverse engineering $1M a year 04:04
Calculating the maths behind what it actually takes to make $1M per year doing SEO
Lesson 6 – The abundance of money 05:01
Acknowledging that money is absolutely everywhere and why having a scarcity mindset is limiting your potential
Lesson 7 – The good the bad and the money 05:44
Why there seems to be so much confusion in the SEO space around pricing and how to make sense of it
Lesson 8 – Common mistakes around pricing 03:54
How to avoid pricing mistakes and what you can do to avoid jumping from one client to the next, constantly trying to make ends meet
Lesson 9 – How to charge for SEO 04:57
Learn how to charge effectively by setting a rate that clearly defines time and allocation of labour in a way that clients understand
Lesson 10 – Calculating profit margins 01:01
How to easily calculate profit margins using the new method of charging for SEO
Lesson 11 – Understanding the hourly rate 09:02
Learn how to implement, apply and breakdown the new pricing model with these practical examples
Lesson 12 – Pricing transparency 02:11
Why it’s important to be upfront and transparent with pricing and how this is actually beneficial in terms of filtering out less than ideal prospects
Lesson 13 – Negotiating your rates 08:46
Several reasons why you should never enter into negotiations with clients over your rates
Lesson 14 – Discounts and incentives 04:02
How you can offer discounts and other pricing incentives for existing clients in a way that works for everyone
Lesson 15 – Raising your rates 05:26
Knowing when it’s time to raise your rates and why it should be done for the benefit of your clients, not you
Lesson 16 – Favors and freebies 00:43
How to politely say no to clients who continually request favours and freebies
Lesson 17 – Charging for web templates 03:50
Different pricing strategies you can apply to web related work including niche specific templates
Lesson 18 – Getting paid first 01:52
Why getting paid in advance is absolutely crucial
Lesson 19 – Partial payments 02:10
Why offering clients partial payments can often lead to reduced profits, wasted time and uncomfortable conversations
Lesson 20 – Automating payments 02:25
Setting up automated payment processing is essential in terms of improving cashflow and reducing unecessary adminstrative tasks and overheads
Lesson 21 – Payment guidelines 05:30
How to deal with clients wanting to disregard or request changes your payment terms and conditions
Sales are everything 03:15
A great team, wonderful service offerings and a fancy pitch won’t mean anything if you’re not selling
Chaos and confusion 03:54
Failing to have a structured sales process in place results to wasted time, frustration and lost sales
Why proposals suck 06:03
Learn why proposals are an absolute waste of time and why you should stop doing them immediately
2 stage sales process 06:29
How to convert prospects into paying customers and sell with absolute confidence using the two stage sales process
Prequalifying leads 12:57
Learn how to prequalify effectively to ensure you’re only onboarding clients who meet a certain criteria
The sales presentation 05:34
The sales presentation is an opportunity to not only present and pitch your service offering, but do it in a way that educates, provides clarity, sets expectations, demonstrates results and makes the prospect feel confident about doing business with you
Maximising sales 07:18
Practical steps you can take to maximise the effectiveness of your sales presentations and close more deals
Handling objections 10:54
Understanding that if you’re selling and you’re not prepared for objections, then you’re only half prepared
Dealing with rejection 03:37
Why rejection is a natural part of selling and what you can do to turn objections into opportunities
Lesson 1 – Niching down is not enough 02:38
Why niching down is not enough and steps you must take in order to clarify exactly who you’re targeting
Lesson 2 – Defining your ideal client 07:15
Clearly defining what an ideal client looks like will help align your marketing, your offer and your message
Lesson 3 – Attributes of an ideal client 06:11
Several key attributes that can help you identify and understand what makes an ideal client
Lesson 4 – The greatest challenge 07:15
Top 10 reasons why most SEO consultants struggle to get leads and what you can do to avoid the same frustrations
Lesson 5 – The AIDA model 10:29
Understanding the AIDA model is absolutely crucial in terms of conceptualizing the client acquisition process
Lesson 6 – The money’s in the list 04:31
Learn how to secure clients with targeted lists and strategic multi channel outreach campaigns
Lesson 7 – Multi channel outreach 11:16
How to implement a strategic multi channel direct outreach campaign in order to validate the niche and establish positioning
Lesson 8 – Value assets 01:36
How to create value assets that position you as the expert, build trust and convert strangers into customers
Lesson 9 – Ramping up with content 10:22
How to implement a niche specific content marketing strategy that attracts high value clients on autopilot
Lesson 10 – Minimum viable effort 04:35
Learn why its so incredibly important to keep time, costs and effort to an absolute mininum during the early stages
Lesson 11 – Crawl walk run 03:40
Why it’s essential to crawl first, then walk, then run when it comes to validating a niche, and becoming established
Lesson 1 – Video audits 11:27
Learn how to prospect, qualify and close SEO clients using video audits
Lesson 2 – Networking events 04:59
Learn how to maximise your networking potential by attending highly targeted conventions, expos, seminars, conferences, and speaking events where the entire audience is your targeted niche
Lesson 3 – Forums and groups 03:35
How to attract high paying clients by interacting within targeted forums and groups
Lesson 4 – Inner circle 02:32
Working your inner circle is probably one of the most powerful ways of getting clients fast, especially if you’re just starting out
Lesson 5 – Strategic partnerships 02:48
How to form strategic partnerhips that give you immediate access to a large pool of highly targeted prospects
Lesson 6 – Agency partnerships 03:26
Why partnering with agencies that offer complimentary services can be a highly effective way of driving high quality leads
Lesson 7 – Client referrals 03:16
Incentives you can offer existing clients to help drive referrals and more leads
Lesson 8 – Strategic positioning 03:34
Strategic positioning is about getting in front of your target audience and demonstrating expertise
Lesson 1 – Client communication 07:16
The way in which you and your team communicate with clients will ultimately determine the overall success of your business
Lesson 2 – Client retention 07:27
Learn the most common causes behind high attrition rates and what you can do to improve brand loyalty and client retention
Lesson 3 – Accessibility 04:16
How to provide exceptional client support and assistance whilst maintaining professional boundaries
Lesson 4 – Keeping it professional 02:03
How to find a balance between being warm and personable, but maintaining a professional relationship with clients
Lesson 5 – Honesty really is the best policy 02:41
How to build stronger relationships with your clients by being upfront, honest and completely transparent
Lesson 6 – Clients to avoid 11:23
How to quickly recognize, identify and avoid problematic clients
Lesson 7 – Keeping clients updated 01:06
Providing regular updates can boost customer satisfaction, strengthen relations and improve client retention
Lesson 8 – Educating clients 02:51
Educating clients can be beneficial in terms of communicating concepts, strategies and other factors that influence project direction
Lesson 9 – Dealing with difficult clients 06:21
Preventative measures you can enforce to deal with clients who want to constantly obstruct and interfere
Lesson 10 – Firing clients 06:16
Making the decision to let a client go can be difficult, but in some cases it’s absolutely necessary
Lesson 11 – Campaigns are a joint effort 00:54
Helping clients understand they have responsibilities and that an SEO campaign done right is a joint effort
Lesson 12 – Client management systems 05:54
Why its absolutely crucial to communicate, interact and engage with your clients in one centralised location
Lesson 1 – SEO & Lego 01:28
What we can learn from Lego and how that translates into the way in which we should approach SEO campaigns
Lesson 2 – Preparing for scale 02:28
Anticipating and preparing for massive growth forces you to think bigger, with scale in mind so that you can avoid issues later on
Lesson 3 – Focus and control 01:57
To avoid losing control of campaigns you must learn to communicate clearly, enforce your contracts and be prepared to say no
Lesson 4 – Staggering campaigns 03:30
Learn the importance of campaign staggering and how it allows you to offset your projects in a way that reduces workload at the beginning and end of each month
Lesson 5 – Understanding billing cycles 03:08
Understanding billing cycles – from payment to completion of tasks, reporting and hosting end of month strategy sessions
Lesson 6 – Orderly co-ordination 02:38
Steps you can take to prioritize, plan and co-ordinate your efforts in a way that ensures absolute efficiency
Lesson 7 – Important reminder 00:53
A quick reminder about the importance of productizing your service offering
Lesson 1 – The greatest frustration 03:26
How to break the cycle and greatest frustration that almost all SEO consultants face – getting caught up in fulfillment
Lesson 2 – Time in the trenches 02:38
Understanding the value of spending time in the trenches
Lesson 3 – Common team building mistakes 04:15
How to prevent many team building mistakes that ultimately lead to breakdowns in communication, inefficient operations and poor outcomes
Lesson 4 – Understanding your role 05:18
Making the realisation that you’re not what you think you are
Lesson 5 – Basic team structure 05:37
Before hiring, it’s important to understand basic team structure, responsibility of team members, the skills required and how they all work together
Lesson 6 – Hiring vs outsourcing 03:13
Why building your own team allows you to retain control over your own operations unlike outsourcing which can often lead to miscommunication and poor outcomes
Lesson 7 – Before you hire 04:19
Intergrating new members into the team requires a certain level of preparedness and planning before beginning the hiring process
Lesson 8 – The hiring process 08:11
Much like prequalifying clients to ensure a good fit, the same principles apply when hiring team members. Learn the five stage hiring process to ensure you only hire the best
Lesson 9 – Finding good help 06:48
Understand that there’s good help available everywhere and it’s more about how you hire, not where you hire
Lesson 10 – Redundancy 00:48
Having a level of redundancy in place in terms of staffing is absolutely crucial in terms of continuity and resilience
Lesson 11 – Pay rates 04:27
Everything you need to know about what to pay staff, including pay rates, wage structures and whether or not to pay hourly or fixed rate
Lesson 12 – Firing staff 03:10
Strategies you can implement to identify and resolve issues quickly, and if necessary steps required when letting a team member go
Lesson 13 – Getting the most out of your team 03:24
Whether you’re managing a remote team or interacting with people in an office, it’s essential that you inspire, support and lead in a way that brings out the best in your team
SECTION 3 - Campaign Training
Lesson 1 – Campaign visualization 10:25
Complete visual overview of an SEO campaign in it’s entirety
Lesson 2 – Task dependencies and sequencing 02:26
Learn the dependancies and relationships amongst tasks that determine the order in which they are performed
Lesson 1 – Prequalifying process 02:28
A look over the qualifying process, how it works and why it’s an essential step towards ensuring you only work with clients that are suited to your chosen niche and area of expertise
Lesson 2 – Initial customer enquiry 01:31
How best to handle the initial customer enquiry and why it’s essential to follow the process
Lesson 3 – The telephone run sheet 02:35
An introduction to the telephone run sheet, it’s purpose, how to use it and why it’s an essential part of the prequalification process
Lesson 4 – Prequalifying the lead 29:44
The exact steps required in order to prequalify leads, referencing the run sheet questionaire which is included as part of this training
Lesson 5 – Scheduling the sales presentation 01:14
Critcal steps and considerations that need to be taken into account ahead of scheduling the presentation
Lesson 6 – Run sheet reference guide 07:42
Tips and advice to help you get the most out of the telephone run sheet
Lesson 1 – Sales presentation overview 03:34
A comprehensive look at the processes involved when preparing and hosting sales presenations
Lesson 2 – The slide deck 02:59
An introduction and overview of the sales presentation slide deck which is provided as part of this training as a ready made template
Lesson 3 – Performing the site audit 02:37
The site audit is a key component of the sales presentation that helps us identify opportunities, demonstrate expertise, build trust and sell
Lesson 4 – Analyzing the gap 06:28
Performing a gap analysis is an essential step that helps us understand current positioning, expected workload, timeframes and required budget
Lesson 5 – Preparing the sales presentation 09:25
Complete walk through of the sales presentation slide deck, showing you exactly what information to provide within each slide and how best to present it
Lesson 6 – Hosting the sales presentation 02:48
Practical tips to help you plan, prepare and host successful sales presentations
Lesson 7 – Closing the sale 02:47
How to overcome objections, avoid indecision and close the sale with confidence
Lesson 8 – Mistakes to avoid 04:29
How to avoid making common mistakes that can ruin the presentation and cost you the sale
Lesson 1 – Client onboarding process 02:58
How to ensure momentum is maintained and carried over between the sales experience through to actual signup and commencement of the campaign
Lesson 2 – Processing payment 04:25
Getting paid in advance is absolutely essential, as well as ensuring this part of the process is quick simple and easy
Lesson 3 – Client questionnaire 05:51
The questionaire is a key part of the onboarding process that helps establish greater insights into the clients business at a much deeper level
Lesson 4 – Initial strategy session 06:39
The strategy session is an opportunity to speak with the client and go through the information gathered from the questionnaire, as well as touch on other key areas of the campaign that are of importance
Lesson 5 – Welcome gift and thank you 03:06
Discover how gifts can create solid, long-term relationships with your clients that keep them loyal to your business, year in, year out
Lesson 6 – Mistakes to avoid 03:01
Crucial mistakes to avoid when signing new clients and carrying out onboarding tasks
Lesson 1 – Campaign setup 03:18
Learn the preliminary tasks that will ensure campaign preparedness, such as setting up client resources, monitoring site performance and carrying out a site backup
Lesson 2 – Confirming access 04:39
The first steps in any campaign involve ensuring your team has the required access they need in order to begin the campaign
Lesson 3 – Setting up campaign resources 02:52
Discover how best to setup campaign resources in a way that will increase efficiency, improve communications and enhance client experience
Lesson 4 – Performing a site backup 02:49
Backing up the site to a staging environment helps expedite many of the tasks required in order to carry out the site build, replacement and data migration process
Lesson 5 – Site monitoring 02:30
Site monitoring is crucial in order to ensure a proactive approach during the campaign lifecycle
Lesson 1 – Site construction process 04:02
Learn the steps required to accelerate outcome, fast track results and most importantly, avoid the headaches associated with traditional SEO and web design projects
Lesson 2 – Structuring for success 12:37
Site structuring should accommodate growth and expansion, search behaviour and the products and services the client provides. Learn how to combine every element to create high performing sites
Lesson 3 – Template preparation 05:04
Discover the four main steps of template preparation – aeshetic design, data migration, url mapping and onpage optimization
Lesson 6 – The gap 02:24
Understanding the gap post launch and how to prioritize workflow in order to expedite campaign performance
Lesson 4 – Scheduling the changeover and going live 04:07
A comprehensive overview of the tasks required in order to carry out the site build, replacement and data migration process
Lesson 5 – Post launch checklist 03:37
An overview of essential post launch checks that should be performed in order to confirm site functionality and performance preservation
Lesson 7 – Mistakes to avoid 03:42
How to avoid common site migration and changeover issues that can often lead to unplanned outages and scope creep
Lesson 1 – Goal tracking overview 03:53
A complete overview of the goal tracking process, including objectives, recommended tools, templates and software, prerequisites and more
Lesson 2 – Reviewing Google analytics 05:45
In order to track and measure correctly, it’s essential to verify the data you’re collecting within Google Analytics is accurate
Lesson 3 – Optimizing for conversions 04:32
Why having clear calls to action and strong conversion points are essential in order to improve site performance, increase revenue and generate a positive return on investment for your clients
Lesson 4 – Implementing the tracking code 08:22
Learn the exact steps required in order to successfully setup and install the tracking scripts
Lesson 5 – Setting up goals within Google analytics 05:32
Discover how to setup goals within Google Analytics that will allow you to accurately track conversions and report against revenue
Lesson 6 – Testing goal tracking 02:19
How to perform testing against all conversion points (including calls), to ensure data is being tracked and captured correctly
Lesson 7 – Mistakes to avoid 02:47
How to avoid some of the most common mistakes that can lead to inaccurate reporting and dissatisfied clients
Lesson 1 – Keyword research overview 03:41
A walk through of the processes involved with keyword research, from understanding search intent, reverse engineering, assessing competition and more
Lesson 2 – The content planner 05:34
An introduction to the content planner, its purpose, what it includes and how to get the most out of it to improve efficiency around keyword research
Lesson 3 – Prioritizing your efforts 02:20
Learn the three main factors that determine where best to invest your efforts in order to produce results as quickly as possible
Lesson 4 – Generating keyword ideas 05:17
Discover an effective strategy to generate more keyword ideas that are not only relevant but have commercial intent and the potential to drive more conversions
Lesson 5 – Keyword difficulty 03:44
How to evaluate and assess keyword difficulty quickly and accurately without the need for expensive software or complicated processes
Lesson 6 – Understanding search intent 04:12
Understanding search intent is an essential part of keyword research as it influences decision making and project direction based upon where customers are in the buying cycle
Lesson 7 – Avoiding overwhelm 02:37
How to perform keyword research in a meaningful, precise and logical way that increases output and reduces overwhelm
Lesson 8 – Common keyword research mistakes 04:10
How to avoid common keyword research mistakes that can often lead to confusion, wasted time and poor outcomes
Lesson 1 – Content process overview 03:51
Comprehensive overview of each stage of the content process including targeting, research, creation, quality control and publishing
Lesson 2 – The importance of content 04:54
Discover why content really is the foundation of every successful campaign and how it can help drive traffic, convert visitors into customers, generate sales and increase revenue
Lesson 3 – Content guidelines and considerations 06:14
Why it’s essential to learn the basic fundamentals and most important rules of content marketing
Lesson 4 – Getting started 01:28
How to define key areas and prioritize tasks inline with objectives to ensure fast and measurable outcomes
Lesson 5 – Developing a content strategy 08:17
How to plan, execute, promote and manage an effective content marketing strategy that supports key business objectives
Lesson 6 – Creating content that works 07:43
Discover to how to create high quality content quickly, regardless of industry without the need for specialised writers
Lesson 7 – Implementing quality control measures 03:00
How to assign staff, build out processes and implement checks to ensure the quality of content you’re creating meets certain standards
Lesson 8 – Publishing and going live 03:36
Learn the steps required when publishing to ensure operational efficiency, consistency and efficient team co-ordination
Lesson 9 – Leveraging the blog 05:07
Why the blog should be considered a key part of your content marketing strategy in terms of attracting and converting organic search traffic
Lesson 10 – Overcoming content struggles 03:34
How to overcome and avoid common content related struggles such as unmotivated clients, lengthy delays, poor quality content or clients that continually object and obstruct
Lesson 1 – Onpage optimization process 02:16
A complete overview of the onpage optimization process
Lesson 2 – Practical onpage optimization 03:10
Understand why practical onpage should preceed technical as there’s no point optimizing pages that don’t convert
Lesson 3 – Keywords 02:34
Keyword optimization includes placement, positioning and other steps we can take to ensure pages are optimised effectively, in order to improve visibility within the search engines
Lesson 4 – Page structuring 04:56
Page structuring best practices that will enhance site performance over the long term
Lesson 5 – Internal linking 06:31
How to channel link equity and increase page performance with effective internal link building strategies
Lesson 6 – Common onpage mistakes 04:13
How to avoid common onpage mistakes such as over optimization, keyword stuffing, poor site structure and more
Lesson 1 – Offpage optimization process 03:13
A comprehensive overview of the entire offpage optimization process including auditing link profiles, reverse engineering competitors, prospecting, performing outreach, link building and more
Lesson 2 – The offpage planner 03:12
Introduction to the offpage planner which is provided as a ready made worksheet to help you and your team manage your offpage optimisation efforts
Lesson 3 – Link building rules to live by 07:18
Advice to help you avoid the sheer amount of misinformation, misleading advice and just general bad practices that make up what is often considered the most toxic aspect of SEO
Lesson 4 – Focusing on quality 02:16
Why it’s essential that quality is maintained at all times, especially if you intend on providing a valuable service, attracting high end clients, charging premium rates and retaining clients long term
Lesson 5 – Link building fundamentals 06:31
Learn to build confidence and a sense of predictability around offpage optimization by visualising the concepts and strategies required in order to produce great results on a consistent basis
Lesson 6 – Offpage commencement 01:30
Learn why acheiving quick wins is hugely beneficial and how you can strategically plan out your approach before beginning the offpage process
Lesson 7 – Preparing the offpage planner 02:00
How to prepare the offpage planner so that you and your team are working with clarity, purpose and alignment
Lesson 8 – Developing an outreach strategy 08:45
Discover what this process looks like, including setting up email accounts, creating personas, what metrics to check to ensure sites of interest meet a certain standard and what types of messages to send
Lesson 9 – Prospecting for success 06:55
Learn effective prospecting and outreach strategies that help secure high quality links from topically relevant websites
Lesson 10 – Creating and preparing content 02:16
Learn the exact steps behind researching, reverse engineering, rewriting, mapping out desired anchors and readying content for publication
Lesson 11 – Publishing and going live 04:38
How to finalise the offpage process, publishing the content, finalising the transaction, recording the information, closing the task and monitoring the link
Lesson 1 – The reporting process 02:32
An overview of the entire reporting phase, including the importance of reporting, types of reports to send, information to include, automation, and an introduction to the end of month strategy sessions
Lesson 2 – Client responsibilities 01:08
A quick reminder about the importance of client responsibilities and why they need to meet you halfway in terms of tracking and measuring
Lesson 3 – Common reporting mistakes 03:14
How to avoid common reporting mistakes that can leave clients feeling confused, overwhelmed and disconnected
Lesson 4 – Call tracking 04:54
Learn the importance of call tracking, and why it’s absolutely essential in terms of providing accurate reports, especially in call heavy industries
Lesson 5 – Reporting 11:27
Why reporting is crucial to long term client satisfaction and retention and how you can provide reports that clearly demonstrate progress, results and a positive return on investment
Lesson 6 – Delivering reports 02:21
Discover the advantaegs of automating and centralising your reports in a way that reduces unecessary overheads and improves customer experience
Lesson 7 – End of month strategy calls 05:28
Why hosting end of month strategy sessions are incredibly beneficial and how they can have a massive impact on client relations, retention and profits
Lesson 8 – Reporting software 00:50
Which reporting software I recommend, along with how to use each one
Lesson 9 – Asking for feedback 01:19
Asking for feedback during end of month strategy sessions is a great way to gauge how your client feels about the campaign, as well as expose issues and identify opportunities for improvement
Lesson 1 – Campaign close-out process 01:54
A complete run through of the campaign close-out process including hosting the final call, archiving files, cancelling any scheduling and formalising completion
Lesson 2 – Hosting the final call 02:22
What to discuss during the final call with emphasis placed on campaign performance, feedback and project handover
Lesson 3 – Wrapping up the campaign 01:35
A complete list of tasks that should be actioned as part of campaign close out – invoicing, access reversal, file archiving, removal of monitoring, reporting cancellation and more

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