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Finally, training that focuses on lead gen and sales for SEO Consultants

Learn how to close high value long term clients, sell with confidence, improve your processes and maximize profits - all within the next 90 days.

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Within the next 90 days you could be closing clients paying $2,500, $3,500 or even $5,000 a month or more.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with annoying low paying clients, or you don’t know where your next client is coming from, and you want a solve the lead gen and sales problem permanently – then the SEO Accelerator program is for you.

The SEO Accelerator Program Solves The Biggest Problems Most SEO Consultants Are Struggling With Right Now:

Inability to Get Leads

Most SEO consultants rely on word of mouth or referrals for work. Others run around the internet cold calling, sending a million emails or direct messaging strangers on social media. Not only does that not work, but it’s not sustainable.

I’ll provide you with all the tools, resources and guidance so that you can build out a proven sales funnel that will completely automate lead gen and allow you to secure your most ideal clients, consistently every single month.

No Sales Processes

Most SEO consultants have no structure at all when it comes to sales. They fumble their way through awkward conversations on calls, trying desperately to close anyone simply because they want SEO.

They waste time preparing proposals, chasing non responsive leads, or get caught up in lengthy conversations trying to explain their services, overcome objections and deal with prospects who only want to spend $500 a month. 

Let me show you how to structure your entire sales process so that you can prequalify, pitch and close high end clients using my two stage sales process with absolute confidence. It’s the very same process I used to close $600,000 worth of SEO per year.

Low Client Retention

Most SEO consultants bill their clients each month and send them a confusing report full of vanity metrics and squiggly lines that make no sense. Then they wonder why clients only stick around for 3 months and cancel.

I’ll teach you my revenue focused SEO model that allows you to clearly demonstrate ROI for your clients. By focusing on revenue, you’ll be able to charge more, retain clients far longer, become more profitable and do away with the stress and worry about Google updates and “rankings”.

Anxiety and Overwhelm

Most SEO consultants make the mistake where every single campaign they’re working on is different. Every campaign is essentially a one time project with it’s own set of unique requirements.

They try desperately hard to scale, but find themselves in a situation where they’re so overwhelmed and stressed out that they end up hating the business or suffering from burnout.

I’ll show you how you can get rid of 90% of the noise, by niching down, specializing, productizing your service offering, and achieving true scale and automation by implementing repeatable processes, that allow you to make more by doing less.

Poor Positioning and a Lousy Offer

Most SEO consultants have no idea who they serve. Usually its just “We do SEO” and that’s it. On top of that, they go to market with a lousy offer “We can rank you first page in Google”. If you’re making this mistake then you WILL fail.

I’ll help you figure out the niche you operate in, your target market, who you serve, what an ideal client looks like and craft an offer that’s so compelling, your most ideal prospects won’t be able to say no.

Here's What You'll Be Learning Inside the SEO Accelerator Program


Getting the basics in place first is absolutely crucial in terms of fast tracking the process, and achieving your goals and objectives.

Revenue Focused SEO

Embrace the new way of doing SEO by focusing on revenue and demonstrating ROI for clients, rather than meaningless vanity metrics.

Cashflow Mastery

Shifting from low end clients with no budget to charging premium rates as high as $2,500 – $8,500 a month with value based pricing.


I take you through the exact steps needed so that you can clearly define your niche, target market and what an ideal client actually looks like.


Follow my two-stage sales process so that you can close high paying clients with confidence every single time – just follow the scripts provided.

Client Acquisition

Use my proven sales funnel to get high paying clients consistently, every single month without cold calling, sending emails or wasting time on social media.

So Just To Sum Things Up, Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up...

My Entire SEO Accelerator Program Lead Gen and Sales Training 8 Week Course.

Get access to all 7 modules, the trainings, and a well laid out curriculum that you can do in your own time to start getting high paying clients as quickly as possible. Most students get through the curriculum in 4 to 6 weeks and start landing clients within the first 2 months.

Dozens of Ready Made Professional SEO Document Templates & Checklists

50+ SEO document templates, spreadsheets, checklists, planners, slide decks, sales scripts, work summary sheets, service agreements, contract templates, and more, all ready for immediate use – just download, fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go.

All Year Round Support Inside A Private Community Of Like Minded SEO Professionals

Don’t go it alone. Interact with other SEO consultants inside the private community – create friendships, ask questions, get help or share your expertise. Have confidence in knowing you’ll have that accountability and support to achieve your goals along with expert mentorship and guidance.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls Including Live Masterclasses, Q&A's and Guest Speakers

Enhance the learning experience and accelerate your progress with weekly group coaching calls to help keep you on track and focused on your end goal. The weekly calls are a combination of Q&A’s, live masterclasses, guest presenters and personal coaching.


Close and retain high ticket SEO clients without wasting time cold calling, cold emailing, creating time consuming content or direct messaging strangers on social media.

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This isn't just another "SEO Course" full of the usual nonsense you've seen everywhere else.

This isn’t just another SEO course that covers the usual technical nonsense. This is a high end coaching program designed specifically for SEO professionals who want to completely automate lead gen.

Meet Your Instructor, SEO Professional of 22 Years Experience - John Romaine

I’ve been running my own agency since 2006, and coaching, training and mentoring other SEO consultants for over a decade. If you’re serious about attracting high value long term clients, selling with confidence and maximize profits – then I can help.

Attract ideal clients with a proven, high converting sales funnel

Pre-qualify leads, pitch and close high value clients

Fill your pipeline with 5-10 qualified leads every single day

Real People. Real Feedback

The following are a collection of testimonials taken directly from the group where members have shared their experiences.

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Benjamin Quesnel

Calgary, Canada

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Avoca Beach, NSW, AUS

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Ben McLaughlan

Edmonton, Canada

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Byron Trzeciak

Melbourne, AUS

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Rhys Hughes

Newcastle, AUS

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Tauranga New Zealand

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Miami Florida, USA

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Sydney, Australia

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Jason Lavis

Devon, United Kingdom


You can't scale an SEO agency on word of mouth, ad-hoc inquiries and the occasional referral.

Stop relying on word of mouth, referrals and other strategies that either don’t work or aren’t sustainable and let me show you how to completely automate lead gen 100%


This is for SEO consultants and agency owners looking for a proven way to get more leads and close more clients. It doesn’t matter how big or small your agency is, this will work.

You’re getting a course paired with in depth scripts, templates and real live examples showing how to completely automate lead gen without cold calling, cold emailing, creating time consuming content or direct messaging strangers on social media.

The SEO accelerator program is not just another “technical SEO course” that shows you how to do keyword research and build backlinks. You’re getting direct access to a proven sales funnel that automates lead gen and shows you how to close high paying clients and actually make money.

No. The SEO Accelerator program focuses only on lead gen and sales. It is assumed that you’re already proficient in terms of fulfillment and just need help getting and closing clients.


Sales training is one of the core modules of this program. You will be provided with everything you need in order to pitch, close and sell high paying clients with absolute confidence.

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